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After Americorps

Nov 22, 2014 by

After Americorps

AmeriCorps Alumni, Community Service, Be the Good | www.lovetheeveryday.comIt is my new goal to be better about regularly blogging. So many things have happened over the course of the last year and a half. Major changes in my life style, my priorities, my goals and dreams.  All these things also include the summation of my AmeriCorps experience.

First, let me say that I cannot imagine my life without AmeriCorps. It was an experience that helped me to grow as a person, and helped me to realize where I wanted to go in life. I had been thinking about serving a term with AmeriCorps since high school, so I am incredibly proud of myself for finally taking that leap.

The end of my AmeriCorps term was bitter sweet. I was ready to move on to new things, but the future was just as scary at the end of my term as it was when I turned to AmeriCorps as a reprieve from life over a year ago. The difference is that now I feel like I have accomplished something. I feel like I have made a difference, I know that I have had an impact on the lives of others. More interestingly is the impact that the word AmeriCorps has on my resume. Every time I tell someone that I served, they respond with “Oh really? Wow! I knew someone who did that once! That takes super dedication!” People are impressed with me! This is awesome! Not only do I get warm fuzzy feelings when I think about how AmeriCorps changed my life, I get actual recognition for a job well done everywhere I go.

I love that I spent time serving others. I love how it makes me feel good about myself. More so, I love that I have that personal story, that little bit of experience in goodness, to carry with me wherever life takes me next. I am a part of what is good in this world and that is a powerful | Why I love being an AmeriCorps Alumni...

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