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Thoughts on a New Year…

Jan 8, 2016 by

Thoughts on a New Year…

I’ve been thinking about writing a new year’s post for weeks. I’ve been pondering what will be the best tag line, what will reel you all into reading it, how to get more followers, more site hits, more clicks…

But none of that really matters does it?

I spent a few precious hours with my grandparents over the Christmas holidays. As most of you know my grandpa is suffering from a form of dementia that is stealing little bits of him away, piece by piece. In my memory, he’s still the strong, superhero of my youth, idolized by his grandchildren and depended on by his kids. The reality is that this man isn’t the same man from my memories, this man cannot be, because he doesn’t remember who I am.

So as I look at the year behind me, and what lies ahead, my priorities are different this year than they have been in the past because I have taken a moment to look at life through the eyes of a man who cannot remember very much of his.

As my whole extended family crowded into my mother’s cramped living room after a delicious, Christmas meal, I watched the interactions of my grandfather: repeat the same story several times, call no one by name so as not to mess it up, smile when a camera is pointed, reciprocate a hug but don’t initiate one, maintain conversation with whomever will listen but only talk about things one can immediately see… it made my heart hurt. But when I asked this man if he was happy he just grinned. “Of course, everyone that knows me is here” he said. He might not remember each of our names, but he knew that we were his people.

That’s really the bottom line isn’t it? Really? What more do we need than to be surrounded by the people we love?

This year, all I am resolving to do is to strive for fewer wasted moments with the people I love. I want to be successful at the things in life that really matter. Click To Tweet

I’m not going to worry about the ever tightening waistline of my pants, or the decreasing balance of my savings account. I’m not going to promise to eat my vegetables or organize my closets. I want to focus on more important things like: all the reasons I fell in love, all the people who make me smile, and work toward appreciating every time my dog drops a tennis ball into my lap. I want to cultivate my friendships and prioritize phone calls home. I want to write more letters, take more photos, and write down the stories of my family, while I can still remember

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