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23 Things I know to be TRUE about Deployments:

Oct 24, 2017 by

23 Things I know to be TRUE about Deployments:

No matter how many times we’ve gone through a deployment, some things simply do not change.


Here are the things I can count on, every time my husband heads off:

  1. People will tell me how hard it is when their spouse is away on business, or goes on a hunting trip, or works an overnight shift. I will not murder them. I will think about it.

  2. Our house will always be left in a layer of camo-colored gear-vomit after he leaves. It will take me 2 months to pack it back into boxes in the garage.

  3. Leaving day is always a shock, no matter how prepared we are or how much support we have, or how many days its been delayed.

  4. Ben and Jerry’s is always required sustenance for those first few days. Little Debbie sometimes makes an appearance as well.

  5. Coming home to a house without him is downright unbearable for a few weeks.

  6. I forget how many dishes I use, all by myself, when there is no one else to help me wash them.

  7. Managing household chores, to do lists, and errands takes some serious practice to complete singlehandedly. (Equal amounts of practice will be required to learn how to share these responsibilities again too.)

  8. Deployments do not get easier. Coping strategies just get more well-practiced.

  9. The national anthem still makes me cry. People disregarding it makes me cry too.

  10. For days, I will sleep in whatever dirty t-shirt he left in the hamper. I know this is gross.

  11. Feeling lonely is totally a thing, even when you’ve surrounded yourself with friends, hobbies, social outings, and four-legged companions.

  12. The dog takes up more space in the bed than my husband.

  13. I will eat my weight in cereal, popcorn and cans of soup.

  14. I can expect one or two real serious meltdowns…maybe three.

  15. Something will break. Something expensive. Something necessary.

  16. I will surprise myself by how capable I am.

  17. The dog will spend a week in mourning. Its pathetic and makes my heart hurt.

  18. People, even people I don’t know that well, will go out of their way to provide support. There is so much good in this world.

  19. No matter how much people try to include me in things, or how much I plan to interact with other people, something will still feel like its missing.

  20. The first three weeks and the last three weeks are the worst.

  21. You can never start a countdown to homecoming…because that day will change, and change and change.

  22. I always plan to save money, and then need retail therapy to get me through.

  23. A one sentence email can make an entire day brighter.

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