Best Diaper Bag! And it’s Daddy friendly too! | diaper bag review

Dec 20, 2017 by

Best Diaper Bag! And it’s Daddy friendly too! | diaper bag review

OMGosh you guys! This is on SALE and you must get one immediately. I finally gave in and realized that I needed a roomier and more efficient diaper bag before I traveled with my one year old to New York BY MYSELF. This backpack diaper bag is the absolute best purchase I made for traveling with a newly mobile toddler. Guyssss! Its only $29.99.

This! You must have this. It has great stroller clips/straps to keep it on the back of your stroller. So much insulated space. A built-in wet bag to hold anything yucky and enough room to pack extra outfits for both my daughter and myself. (Good thing because we got stuck overnight on our layover!)


best diaper bag

Happy baby! Here we are getting ready to board our first flight. You can see our awesome bag attached to the back of the stroller.

I bought it in black so that Dad could feel confident using it, but it comes in a few different colors. We like black the best also because it sits on the floor of the airplane and doesn’t show any gross travel dirt! (It comes in really cute red polka dots which is what my heart wanted, but my head prevailed.)

It has so much more room than my previous two, er three, diaper bags and I am so happy with it. As we are expecting baby #2 in a few weeks I’m pumped to have found one that is big enough for supplies for both kiddos but doesn’t feel super bulky.




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