Beyond Chicken Soup: How to Survive a Weekend When You’re Sick in Bed

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Beyond Chicken Soup: How to Survive a Weekend When You’re Sick in Bed

I spent the weekend sick on the couch with strep throat. I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced such a terrible sore throat. Adults are not meant to get childhood sicknesses, my body did not like that! I thought I would love spending whole days curled up with hot tea and hours of Netflix stretching out before me…. But after a few hours I was stir crazy and bored. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the energy to move much, and felt terrible. It was a vicious circle. So I came up with these ideas to get me (and you) through a sick spell, or a rainy day…

  1. Plan your meals for the week by flipping through rarely used cookbooks and stopping on random pages. I have the most beautiful cookbooks, with hundreds of mouth-watering recipes for easy, week night meals…that I have never, ever looked at. WithPinterest and Google and a busy 40+ hour work week, who has time to flip through cook books when I can just type what I’m looking for into my phone andKAPOW there’s the recipe right in front of me? I loved having some uninterrupted time to fawn over the glossy pages and beautiful pictures in the cookbooks on my shelves.

  2. Write a letter to your favorite teacher. I recently received a nice note from a former student as she is about to graduate from college. She mentioned how I always made her feel special and she appreciated all the time I took to make sure she came to school, and how encouraged she was by my attitude and genuine concern for her well-being. This made me think about how much some of my former teachers meant to me, and how nice it is to get real mail in the mail box.

  3. Make your favorite “sick-time” beverage. For me, it’s a hot toddy, but you can skip the alcohol and just make a fabulous cup of tea too!

My hot toddy recipe of choice:

  • 1 oz Irish whiskey
  • 1 tea bag steeped in 1 cup of hot water (I used a plain black tea for mine, but any herbal blend would be good too!)
  • 1 tsp. honey
  • ½ tsp ground ginger, or slice of fresh ginger steeped in hot water
  • 1 wedge of lemon squeezed, then steeped in tea
  • Stir with a cinnamon stick
  •  Mix all ingredients together. Drink. Repeat.


  1. Start a blog. Or Read a blog. Nothing hits closer to home for me than this. I love when people read my blog. So I spent some time spreading the love this weekend. Bloggers love visitors and comments, and new readers, and feeling important. (Maybe we are all a little self-centered….or maybe we just want to share incredibly helpful and interesting things with all of you!)


Here are my current favorite reads:


  • Oak and Oats: Where Elizabeth writes about all things adorable and happy and wholesome. She’s positive and cute and spunky and all the things that we here at Love the Everyday can fully support. Also she’s a fellow Colorado love and that hits close to my heart. Check her out.


  • Of course I couldn’t help but mention Kathryn at Singing through the Rain. She’s not only been super inspiring to me personally, and hundreds of other military spouses, but she’s also been supportive of my blogging and featured me as a guest blogger on her site a few times. (Maybe I’m a little biased, but I heart her). Aside from that she too has a newly found love of Colorado. (are you sensing a theme?)



  • My current guilty pleasure is to live vicariously through Brittany and Ryan over at In Some Places as they chronicle their lives as teachers in foreign countries. Someday perhaps I’ll get the nerve up to just chase that dream, until then, I’m going to read on.


  1. Lastly, I know this sounds silly. But watch your favorite childhood movie. I am not kidding, I curled up with my hot toddy, my blog reading list, my puppies and The Brave Little Toaster. I suffered through the weekend, but I loved these quiet moments with some of my favorite things.


What are your favorite ways to beat a sickness?

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