Countdown Anxiety

Jan 17, 2014 by

I should be getting ready for work, but I still sit here in my pajamas lingering over my coffee and catching up on some blog reading. I have to leave this house in fifteen minutes, and it is clear to me that today is going to be a no make-up pony tail day….I didn’t sleep much last night.

I find myself waking up anxious, with my mind swirling in loop-de-loops like an insane person. I have so many things to do in the next few weeks and not enough time.

But this morning, Im making myself take a breather. I will be a moment late to work, and the school will not fall down. I will drive slowly and enjoy the sun rising and admire how it turns my mountains shades of pink and purple in the distance. And I will pray for grace to handle difficult situations, patience to last these remaining weeks, and strength to keep on keeping on, even if just for one more day.


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