Day 10: Spread Love Like Jelly Challenge (Choose Love)

Feb 21, 2016 by

Day 10: Spread Love Like Jelly Challenge (Choose Love)

Day 10: Spread Love Like Jelly Challenge (Choose Love)

I don’t know about you but my Sunday often starts like this:

Wake up. Mind races. Why didn’t my alarm go off? Oh. It’s Sunday. I’ve got three hours before church. So much to do today. So tired. So tired. Five more minutes of sleepy time. SHIT. I’ve got an hour before church. Why hasn’t my husband picked up any of his clothes? Seriously? No hot water. Awesome. I’ve got to prep some stuff for lunch this week.  Why do none of my pants fit? What did my husband do with the car keys? I’ve got to get new pants. But really though, where are the car keys? SHIT. We’re gonna be late for church.

Then, I start to get a little irritated. I MUST have some coffee… and suddenly I find myself griping at my husband for things that do not really matter…

So today, I challenge you to CHOOSE LOVE. #spreadlovelikejelly Click To Tweet

Strive to just start your day with love. Choose to have an outlook that is loving and not one that is accusatory. For me, that looks like a prayer. First thing in the morning, before I get to the “SHIT” part in my brain-rant I need to pray about it. It looks a little like this: “Lord, today I want to start my day with love. I know I don’t have all my shit together, (yes sometimes I curse in my conversations with God, he gets me) but I am thankful for this day, I am grateful for my wonderful husband. Help me put one foot in front of the other today and greet my loved ones with love. Help me to smile and let things go. Allow me to give myself and my loved ones grace. Help me choose love. If you could also help the radio DJ put upbeat and happy songs on the radio that would help immensely. And green lights. Green lights on the way to church. Thank you. I love you.  AMEN.” | 20-day spread love like jelly challenge #spreadlovelikejelly

#spreadlovelikejelly CHOOSE LOVE

Did you miss the beginning of this series? Not sure what I’m talking about or why? Pop back over to the instructions page to see the brain child behind #spreadlovelikejelly

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“Nothing can make our lives, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness.” –Tolstoy

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