Day 12: Spread Love Like Jelly Challenge (Speak Kindly)

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Day 12: Spread Love Like Jelly Challenge (Speak Kindly)

Day 12: Spread Love Like Jelly Challenge (Speak Kindly)

Today’s challenge is particularly difficult for me. I decided I needed to do this one over the weekend when I snapped for no reason at my mother-in-law.

So, Today I challenge you to focus your energy on speaking kindly.

It happened like this: we took my sweet mother-in-law (Now when I say sweet I really do mean sweet, she used to be a preschool teacher!) to an old mining town in Colorado for the afternoon. The old building facades are still in place, you can even see some of the original signage and billboards. Its quaint, and pretty, and looks like I imagine it did during the gold rush. The main street of town is full of gorgeous, original architectural details and the view is amazing. From the top of town, one can see two separate mountain ranges and several small villages.

The town houses about seven small casino/hotels and a few little museums meant to lure in tourists. We happened upon the town on a weekend they were holding their very cool, annual Ice Festival. The streets were blocked off by the local police and artists we carving life-sized sculptures of horses and wagons into large blocks of ice. The street vendors were in full swing selling all kinds of crafts and food, a band played, and streets were packed with happy people. It was a perfect, idyllic, mountain day. Sun was shining, beer was flowing, life was good.

We walked by a small casino which still had signs above its door proclaiming it to be a saloon and restaurant. My MIL exclaimed in surprise when we walked by “Wow, that’s not a restaurant! It’s a casino.” To which we all nodded.

Moments after that we walked by a souvenir shop. Its stairs were lined with t-shirts and hoodies, postcards, and knickknacks. Inside we could spot rows and rows of other kitschy goodies that you could bring home in remembrance of your trip. The peeling and weatherworn sign above the door announced: General Store. “Now, is that really a store?” My MIL asked.

Does it look like a store?” I snapped in reply.

……. I’m not nice.

I find myself being snappy, and snarky and sarcastic more than I would like to admit. The worst part is that I adore my in-laws. They love me, they are kind, they are fun to be around…and she did not deserve my attitude in that moment. Yet, often I can feel my sarcasm ready to pounce at the slightest provocation.

I think part of the problem is that I often fail to be kind when I am also in a bad mood. (Or if I’m hungry!) it is never a good idea to combine bad words with bad moods! I find myself laughing at other people’s misfortune, and saying unkind things. I’m pretty sure that sometimes I can be really hurtful!

Today let’s encourage each other to pay extra attention to the way we speak! #speakkindly… Click To Tweet

Today let’s encourage each other to pay extra attention to the way we speak, the words we use to convey messages and our tone of voice. Are we praising others when we speak or judging them? Are we using lies or exaggeration or do we focus energy on building one another up?

Be mindful and loving with your words today friends and #spreadlovelikejelly. | How you peak to others says more about you than you know #speakkindly #spreadlovelikejelly

Speak Kindly


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“Nothing can make our lives, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness.” –Tolstoy




  1. Melissa Cunningham

    Very uplifting post, the quote let everything you say be good and helpful is my favorite.

  2. This is one I personally need to work on. Sometimes I will snap at my sweet husband for no apparent reason. Completely uncalled for. Thankfully he is very forgiving, as is God. I need to spread more love!

  3. I fail to be kind when I am hungry, too. Or tired. Or frustrated. Obviously, I need this reminder!

  4. Thanks, Molly, we here have to be careful i our actions and have to focus on the consequences, but verbal abuse is getting common these days.

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