Day 13: Spread Love Like Jelly Challenge (Be Present)

Feb 24, 2016 by

Day 13: Spread Love Like Jelly Challenge (Be Present)

Day 13: Spread Love Like Jelly Challenge (Be Present)

I think that one of the biggest ways we can show love to those around us is to take a really long look at how we walk around this earth. Am I actually listening to what that person is saying or am I thinking about what I’m going to say next? Or worse, am I thinking about lunch? (I’m often thinking about lunch). Did I make eye contact with that cashier even once? Did I focus energy on appreciating the story being told by the 7th grader in my class or did I just offer him an “uh-huh”?

I’m particularly terrible at this when I’m sitting on the couch with my husband…simultaneously watching tv, looking at Pinterest and trying to have a conversation with him. If there's one thing I know it's that I am a terrible multitasker! Click To Tweet I need to choose love. I need to choose to prioritize my husband over my social media accounts.

So today, my challenge is to be mindful of being in the moment. Be present. And on that note- I’m turning off my electronics and enjoying my family.

#spreadlovelikejelly #choosejoy

Good luck with this one today friends! #spreadlovelikejelly


Did you miss the beginning of this series? Not sure what I’m talking about or why? Pop back over to the instructions page to see the brain child behind #spreadlovelikejelly

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“Nothing can make our lives, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness.” –Tolstoy

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  1. I love the saying “Spread love like jelly”! ? I definitely need to be more present while people are talking to me. Even when I don’t use my phone will they’re talking, I get distracted by my own thoughts…or like you said: food! Haha

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