Day 19: Spread Love Like Jelly Challenge (Tell someone!) | Say I love you

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Day 19: Spread Love Like Jelly Challenge (Tell someone!) | Say I love you

Day 19: Spread Love Like Jelly Challenge (Tell someone!)

Today is easy.   Today is important.  Today is fun.



On the almost-last-day of the #spreadlovelikejelly challenge I am prompting you to make sure that you tell the people in your life that you love them.

Tell your mom. Call grandma. Tell your coworkers and your former teachers and your baby sitter. Send an email to the lady who was the secretary of your first job, tell her she made your day every morning. Tell the person who walks your dog and your sunday school teacher. Tell them, tell them, tell them! Tell them so that they can reciprocate. Tell them because it feels good. Tell them because life is short and love is sweet. Tell them because one day you’ll be sorry that you didn’t.

I’m going to share my list of people. The ones who I plan to make it a priority to tell that I LOVE THEM this week. I’m going to make a list for next week too!  Its going to take a few days to check people off, but I’ll work on it over the upcoming weekend. I encourage you to make your list too. Treat it like a check list and tell them how much they matter. Start. Start right now. #spreadlove

#spreadlove #spreadlovelikejelly Tell people you love them while you can.

  • My mom who is awesome in all ways
  • My grandparents who can take credit for most of what I know about life
  • My little sister who has so much life to figure out
  • My nieces who should be told every day how fiercely they are loved
  • My assistant teacher who works her butt off for me and our students
  • My 1st boyfriend Joe, who taught me what it means to love someone
  • My step-siblings who have accepted me as one of them
  • My students, who need so much love
  • My 5th grade teacher who inspired me
  • The ladies in my bible study who have become my family
  • My best friend Kate
  • My husband who puts up with all of my nonsense
  • My cousins who were my very first friends
  • My best buddies from high school who supported me through all the awkward that is adolescence
  • My coworkers who are like sisters
  • My aunts and uncles
  • My little brother who has always been one of my favorite people
  • My bridesmaids who are amazing
  • My college roommates
  • …the list goes on.
Tell the people in your life that you love them. Tell them right now! #spreadlove #sayIloveyou… Click To Tweet

Who will you tell today? Who will you tell tomorrow? Who will you tell every day?

Go on! Get started and #spreadlovelikejelly.


Did you miss the beginning of this series? Not sure what I’m talking about or why? Pop back over to the instructions page to see the brain child behind #spreadlovelikejelly

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“Nothing can make our lives, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness.” –Tolstoy

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