Day 5: Spread Love Like Jelly (Have Patience)

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Day 5: Spread Love Like Jelly (Have Patience)

Day 5: Spread Love Like Jelly Challenge (have patience)

I find myself so often losing patience in my day to day life. I use the excuse that I teach middle school so it’s only natural that I expend most of my patience very quickly, leaving not much left over for after work hours. But the truth is, I’m pretty quick to lose patience with them too, and pretty early in the day. When a student asks a question I have already answered, or doesn’t give me a chance to explain directions before they start saying they don’t “get it”…sometimes I want to scream.

As I head back to work after a long four-day weekend I’m challenging myself to have more patience, especially with my students. I plan to work on taking a deep breath before I am sarcastic or angry with the twelve year-olds and I’m not going to be irritated by the old woman in front of me at the grocery store or the bad drivers. Ok, I can’t promise that, let’s be honest: I’m no good at being unsnarky but I’m going to make a huge effort.

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I plan to take time today to remind myself that impatience rarely gets others to move faster, think more carefully or reassess their behavior, in fact–it can interfere with other people’s ability to this critically.

Every time I respond without listening, or jump to hush people all I am doing is creating more stress.  So, before I respond to my students, or better still, my husband, in an unkind or impatient way I am going to really try to take a deep breath first, practice actually listening to them and be careful how the things I say in impatience impact those around me.

Our patience will achieve more than our force. -Edmund Burke #havepatience #spreadlovelikejelly Click To Tweet

What about you? What tips do you have to help others to have patience?


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