Day 6: Spread Love Like Jelly Challenge (Be Real, it’s the little things)

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Day 6: Spread Love Like Jelly Challenge (Be Real, it’s the little things)

Day 6: Spread Love Like Jelly Challenge (Be Real)

So, I’m six days into this 20 day challenge, and let’s be honest I’m totally not a cup-half-full kind of gal. All this sunshine and roses garbage is starting to take its toll and yesterday’s challenge of “have patience” was a total flop. It’s crap for me to try and convince you all that everyday is going to be beautiful— Love is hard work. Being loving is hard work. Taking time to smell the roses, which sounds simple, is also… You guessed it, hard work. I cannot spend twenty days looking at life through rose colored glasses without a long string of expletives coming out of my sailor-mouth at some point.

Yesterday, my students tried my patience more than ever before. They asked dumb questions, could not sit still, and had an inability to work independently. They also farted a lot. A lot more than normal. I received emails from annoyed parents (yay) and fielded questions like, “Does spelling count?” ON A SPELLING TEST! Why yes, Jimmy, yes it F-ing does.

At home, all I did was argue with my husband. My long-deployed and much missed husband, who I am excited and grateful to have back in the house, somehow morphed into the most obnoxious human being I have ever met. He could do nothing right and I found every opportunity to tell him so. I’m so pleasant. He’s so lucky. Or….not.

I designed this blog to help me remember to love the everyday moments in this too short life, yet yesterday I fell incredibly short of that. This challenge is supposed to inspire me to seek out opportunities to shower others with love, instead yesterday made me feel like a fake. I couldn’t show love to anyone, I couldn’t even demonstrate love to my husband yesterday, let alone show patience to a stranger!

All bubble gum and unicorns aside for a moment: being a good person is freaking torturous some days. All I wanted to do yesterday is scream at other drivers on my ride home, and then nap.

So, let’s be honest for a moment. Love is a verb. It’s like run, or leap, or endure. It has weight and is difficult. It’s like trying to sprint a marathon in your bunny slippers.

Love is a verb, like trying to sprint a marathon in your bunny slippers. #spreadlovelikejelly Click To Tweet

Yesterday was a good reminder that despite whatever happy, bubbly, jelly-filled donut I try to present this life to be, sometimes it’s kick-you-in-the-teeth difficult…. And that’s ok.

So today is a new day, where I’m going to choose some tiny, small way to share love and joy with others and call it a success. I’m gonna start by kissing my husband goodbye. I’m going to give my students some chocolate. And I’m going to smile. That’s it. That’s all I can manage to accomplish today. But, truly, love is in the little things. And it’s gonna be ok.

How will you choose to be real and help yourself be successful today? What small way will you share love?

#spreadlovelikejelly | | Love is hard work

Lets Be ReaL…Love is Hard work #spreadlovelikejelly

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  1. Love love love it!!! Totally agree, it is the little things that matter. So nice that you are doing thing challenge, I am sure it is a great way to make small changes and reap huge benefits! Good luck on the challenge and I hope your students appreciated the chocolates 🙂
    xx, Kusum |

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