Day 8: Spread Love Like Jelly Challenge (Speak Love)

Feb 19, 2016 by

Day 8: Spread Love Like Jelly Challenge (Speak Love)


Today I challenge you to share something loving on your social media in order to help on my mission to #spreadlovelikejelly. Today is easy. Just tweet, post, tag, instagram, share, or write something encouraging or blog a kind word, idea, or scripture. Snap a photo of something that makes you happy. Post a comic strip. Write on someone’s wall how much they mean to you…. you get the idea. Whatever you share be sure to add the tag #spreadlovelikejelly so we can all go back and take a look at what everyone is posting!

I think this is important in a world where we find ourselves wasting valuable minutes scrolling through social media sites anyway, to use this time to share love. Instead of getting caught up in online drama why not try to inspire kindness or be cheerful? For me I like to use social media to spread positive vibes in an otherwise negative space. Maybe you decide to share something personal like:


I have the world's greatest husband! #spreadlovelikejelly Click To Tweet

Or maybe something more subtle. Like a photo of someone you love. #mydogrocksHapiness is hugging a puppy. #spreadlovelikejelly| www.lovetheeveryday.comBut whatever you choose to share today, I challenge you to avoid sharing anything negative. There is so much negativity on my Facebook wall lately that sometimes I want to delete all my friends and start over with only positive people. Try to refrain from politics and complaining and instead, speak love. #spreadlovelikejelly

I’ve been really inspired by Toby Mac’s Speak Life song. Have you heard it? It pretty much reiterates all the things about the power of words and how we use them that I’ve been trying to convey for ages. The ways we should use our words for good and it has a catchy little tune too.


Did you miss the beginning of this series? Not sure what I’m talking about or why? Pop back over to the instructions page to see the brain child behind #spreadlovelikejelly

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“Nothing can make our lives, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness.” –Tolstoy

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