First steps for the newly engaged: Where to begin?

Mar 7, 2016 by

First steps for the newly engaged: Where to begin?

“We are officially engaged!!! Now what?”

When I received the long-awaited phone call this weekend from my dear friend announcing that she and her high school sweetheart were finally engaged I was jump-up-and-down excited. Her voice was happy on the phone when she was telling me her news and then shifted to nervous confusion when she added: “I don’t know what to do now”.

Oh,this is the simple part! And the fun part!

Step one:
Enjoy. Bask. Stare at your ring. Hold hands with your honey. Make diamond sparkles on the ceiling of the car as you drive. Take selfies. Imagine your honeymoon. Enjoy the moment. These early, blissful moments as you prepare to start the planning process are fleeting and rare and beautiful. Embrace them. Take a week or two and just let the idea of marriage simmer. Enjoy the excitement that your friends share with you. Enjoy every phone call you get to make to announce your engagement. Love it. It goes by all too quickly and you should be able to linger a little in the “happiness bubble” that is a new engagement.

We're Engaged! Now what_

When you’re newly engaged it is easy to be overwhelmed. Take a moment and breathe in the happy.!… Click To Tweet

Step two:
While you’re lingering in the happy bubble, it is a good time to call all your nearest and dearest to spread the news. You don’t want someone you love to have to find out on Facebook that your boyfriend popped the question! Make sure you make a list of those people you’ve called and those you haven’t. (On your real to-do list: Decide if you want to send engagement announcements now, and also if you want something printed in the paper as well. This will give you plenty of time to have engagement photos taken!)


engagement photos| What do do first when you're engaged? Step 3:
Then, start dreaming. Buy the magazines and make the Pinterest boards. This part is fun too! Ask your friends for advice. Look through other peoples’ wedding albums and dream. Dream big. Plan your dream wedding, think about all the things you’d do if money were no question and you could do anything. Now is the time for dreaming. You can make all the big decisions in a week or two. For now, you dream. You stroll up the aisle in the hardware store and grab paint chips to see which colors go well together. You make zero decisions and you don’t look at prices. You’re engaged! Take a moment to love this time period in your life.


All the other decisions come later.

Right now, right this minute, you relax and you be in love.


Colorado natives looking for engagement photos? I know just the photographer! *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*


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