House Training A New Puppy is Like Taming a Tumbleweed

Mar 20, 2015 by

House Training A New Puppy is Like Taming a Tumbleweed

Disclaimer: This is a post about poop.

Literally, 12 times. In two hours. This is how many times I took my almost housebroken new puppy outside to go potty….and still he came inside, looked at me, and peed on the floor.

This puppy is a monster.

I’ve read all the articles. Take puppy out immediately after waking. Take puppy out 5-10 minutes after eating. Take puppy out after play time. Take puppy out when he’s sniffing around. If puppy doesn’t immediately potty, take him back inside to his crate for five minutes, then take him back out again for ten. Always carry your pup to the door so he doesn’t have an accident. Never carry your pup to the door or he won’t learn how to go to the door himself…. The list goes on.

Let’s get real here. Who has time for that? Most dog trainers suggest taking them out for ten-minutes, setting a timer, bringing them in for five and out for ten ALL DAY LONG! I read one article suggesting that only stay at home moms should get new puppies because they have the time and the patience to deal with potty training. WHAT? I challenge you to name one mom who has time for that!

Forget trying to get the puppy to poo in only one place in the yard, I’d just be happy for him to get the general idea that he should go in the yard at all! Working 40+ hours a week and wanting to just sit on the couch when we get home is not ideal when trying to potty-train a puppy. I understand this. I just don’t like it.

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In a dream world I would be able to open the back door, let the dog out and watch as he happily skips down into the back yard to pee in his designated spot… the reality is, if I let him out alone he either a)poops on the deck right outside the door b)dramatically throws himself repeatedly into the sliding glass door while yelping to be allowed back in or c) runs off the deck to play, only to return to the house and proceed to pee on the floor.

You know that moment in childhood when your mom says you absolutely cannot have a puppy because they are a lot of work and you think to yourself “I would do all the work! It can’t be that bad!” Well, it is that bad, and mom was right. You heard me: mom was right. Click To Tweet

The thing is, I’ve successfully trained a dog before. My little terrier has an absolute bladder of steel and can hold it until I come home from work, even if I’m gone for 10+ hours. She’s a champ. She is a doggy-genius. She was easy to train.

This pup is an entirely new ball game. He’s lucky he’s cute.

So, I bought new, delicious treats today. Potty treats. I figured if M&M’s work for toddlers, then real liver pieces are going to work for the puppy. Please? Please let them work.

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