House training woes

Feb 24, 2015 by

House training woes

We have been having really cold, windy days with lots and lots of snow. Deep snow does not mix well with tiny puppy legs. Being frozen solid is not something that the dogs were really thrilled about this week, which means they didn’t go to the bathroom outside very often, which is a nice way of saying they went to the bathroom inside a lot.

The problem is that every moment that we begin to make headway, something sets us back a few steps. The crate is helping. Several days off in a row is helping…. But yesterday we took the puppy to doggy-day-care, so that he didn’t have to be crated all day. Apparently at day care the dogs are allowed to go to the bathroom inside, at will. So now, because he went potty inside yesterday, he now believes that every day is go potty inside day.

Also, he has already learned to climb over the puppy gates. It is not graceful. It requires serious concentration and effort, a lot of grunting and whining and a large, belly flop once he makes it to the top in order to land on the ground on the other side. Then of course he is on the carpet, and carpet is his favorite place to poo. Yay! House training is so fun, said no dog owner ever.

But he’s cute…. I know god made puppies cute so you wouldn’t kill them when it’s 3am and you get up to take them outside only to step in a giant puddle of puppy piddle.

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