Loneliness comes with the territory…

Feb 17, 2015 by

Loneliness comes with the territory…

www.lovetheeveryday.com| No matter how I'm feeling I know I'm not alone. Today I’m feeling a little lonely.This verse always helps to remind me that even when I feel alone, I really am not. Sometimes the blues set in and it’s hard to shake them though.

Even when I’m surrounded by my co-workers I still feel alone sometimes and making plans to have a girls night after work doesn’t always do the trick. I know this comes with the territory. Living in a different state from my family can be really difficult sometimes but I know that this is the place I am meant to be, and so I continue to put one foot in front of the other. Every so often though, the loneliness sets in and I struggle to keep my chin up.

My plan today is to hand write some letters to friends I haven’t kept in contact with very well lately. I feel like in the age of Facebook and blogging and twitter that we sometimes forget the power of an actual piece of mail. This will help me feel more connected to them.

Anyone have any tricks or tips to ward off loneliness?


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