Love each moment, even the snowy ones

Feb 3, 2016 by

Love each moment, even the snowy ones

We’ve gotten some serious snow over the last four days in my neck of the woods. There is something in my grown-up heart that cringes a little when it starts to snow. My head starts thinking about shoveling, treacherous driving conditions and the giant, deadly icicles that dangle precariously from my obviously not-well-insulated roof. But then I remember the absolute joy of snow. | Childlike happiness

There is something so completely calming about a new snowfall. The silence that envelopes the world as those tiny flakes float down is almost dreamlike. | Finding joy in every moment

I’m reminded how fun snow can be every time our 1-year old Aussie puppy goes outside. He can’t resist running, full steam ahead, through the drifts. He buries his nose in the fluffy banks and tosses snowballs gleefully above his head. Not only is he adorable, he’s just SO HAPPY. I wish I could tap into that unbridled happiness sometimes. The childlike wonder of it all. And so, I can’t resist either. Not with that cute puppy face beckoning me outdoors. I don my snow pants and gloves and abandon all of my grown-up responsibilities for a while and just play.

It’s sad to me how much we, as adults, have lost the ability to play. Children (and puppies obviously) have this love of life, a happiness, a creativity that we lose somewhere along the way. Maybe it’s because of worries they are not aware of, or their ability to completely lose themselves in a game, but I am jealous of that.

So today, the delight I feel while standing knee-deep in a snowdrift tossing snowballs to my dog…. I’m going to hold on to that for a while, and maybe make a snow angel or two.

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