My flag. OUR flag.

Sep 26, 2017 by

My flag. OUR flag.

I had a coworker tell me today that she’d be ashamed if she were me and she bets my “husband is a terrible person since he’s marching off under Trump’s flag”.

Seriously. This happened. Word for word. As I’ve been emotionally preparing to send hubby off on his next deployment, these are the words she decides to share with me today. Truthfully, and this may be the pregnancy hormones talking, she’s lucky I didn’t punch her in her cunty mouth. (That right, I dropped the C-word. There’s a time and a place for all words, and this is the time and the place.)

Amidst the anxiety that comes with prepping for deployment, also comes extreme pride. Pride in my husband and his team, pride in myself and my capabilities….being ashamed? Never. I’ve been so angry at this coworker all day that my hands have been shaking, and I’ve given myself a headache. I can’t even bring myself to remember that everyone is entitled to their own (misguided) opinions, or to forgive her for her ignorance.

So allow me to be clear on two important details.


1) My husband doesn’t get to choose his boss, or his hours. He doesn’t get to decide he’s tired of his job and quit. He can’t use up all his sick time or plan extended Disney World vacations. He doesn’t get to pick and choose which holidays he feels like working for double time pay. His career isn’t glamorous or lucrative… but it is essential that he keep doing it, and doing it well.

2) It isn’t “Trump’s” flag. It is OUR flag. Yours and mine. You get to choose what you think of it, and how you treat it, but it’s still your flag. And me? Personally? I fucking love that thing.


That flag represents all the things that I hold dear in this world. Here’s the beauty of it, it stands for that freedom that you like to make grandiose claims about, the freedom to say…..choose a new president in a few years if you don’t like our current one.  It doesn’t represent one man, or one set of ideas, or one group of people. The close-minded stupidity of people makes me crazy some times.  That very flag that you are not acknowledging, that very flag that you refuse to stand up for? That’s the flag that gives you the privilege to make your “peaceful” protests in the first place…

And why can you do that? Because of people like my husband.

So, whenever my husband and his teammates next board that plane to destinations unknown: I’m proud of them, I’m proud of this country, and I will always stand for that flag.

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  1. Wow. This really makes me angry. The military serves with whoever the president is. Being in the military doesn’t mean you agree with what is happening or even with who is in office. Praying for you and your family as your husband leaves for his deployment.

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