Speaking to the heart….

Jan 21, 2015 by

Speaking to the heart….

Occasionally in the blogging world a writer will really stand out to you, make you think, make you smile, make you cry… I love that.  I think it’s amazing how words can really get to the heart of the matter, whatever that matter may be.

How to find God's plan  www.lovetheeveryday.com

My beautiful friend Beth, who writes over at Simply Beth, said a few things this week in her blog that really struck a chord with me. I wonder who I am writing for exactly. I think its crazy how sometimes we get so caught up in finding the perfect Pinterest photo, or connecting on Facebook that we forget the faces behind Facebook, the beauty of a well taken photograph before there was Pinterest, the quality of a quick note to a friend, written by hand, before Twitter made us Tweet.

Beth asked the question this week: “Do my words matter?” And the answer, my friend, is a resounding “YES!”  Beth inspires me to write. As do so many other bloggers, some popular with thousands of followers, some just starting out. The beauty of the written word amazes me. The idea that someone, somewhere might need to hear what we have to say is empowering. The thought that all of this is part of God’s overarching plan is humbling.

Blogging used to be just a hobby for me. Something fun, a way to wrap my mind around a difficult idea or task, a way to brag about a well cooked meal, a way to catch up with my far-away family. Blogging allowed me an avenue to vent frustrations, bounce ideas off strangers, write through some anxious moments… but now, occasionally, I see a glimmer of something more, something more powerful and more important than a hobby, I see a purpose. And that is very, very cool.

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