Student Driven Success

Nov 20, 2012 by

Student Driven Success

On Friday, November 16th 2012, Peer Leaders at Martin Luther King Early College rounded up members of their senior class and whipped them into College-ready shape. The high school’s Future Center was transformed into an assembly line of productivity as Peer Leaders constructed over ten different stations for their classmates to navigate. During what they dubbed the “Senior Lock-in”, Seniors were expected to spend the whole day in the future center completing tasks at each station designated to help them complete one step in the college readiness process. Students were effectively “locked-in” until they had completed the assigned material at each station and had their exit ticket signed. Each station was designed and led entirely by MLK Peer Leaders and covered various topics including Self-advocacy, Study Skills, College Life, and Community Service. Computers were set up and staffed by Peer Leaders to assist classmates in filling out the Common Application, others were designated for scholarship searches and essay writing. At yet another station, students were encouraged to write thank-you notes to staff members who had been influential in their lives, or to those they were requesting letters of recommendation from, seniors enthusiastically grabbed markers from the stack of provided art supplies and got down to business. In addition, Peer Leaders actively recruited staff and College Summit volunteers to help them read and edit personal statements, offer real life college advice, and help maintain order. As the afternoon progressed Peer Leaders led their classmates through the Tower of Power activity to further their understanding of the financial aid maze they would be navigating, and then sent their cohorts back to the stations to finish out the day. At day’s end, students were energized, informed and making positive progress toward applying to colleges. MLK Peer Leaders are truly blazing a trail to academic success.

I had the opportunity to sit at several of the stations throughout the course of the day to help students with some of the activities they were working on. So. Much. FUN. The kiddos did a fantastic job and I am so incredibly proud of their hard work. I have the best job.

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