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Do you know what this weekend is?

Apr 20, 2016 by

Do you know what this weekend is?

I am so excited for Sunday night. Are you?

I’m a super nerd. I know this. However, I’ve been marking weeks off my calendar in preparation of the new season of Game of Thrones. Those of you who know a bit about the story and follow my blog might be a little bit surprised by my obsession given the violence encapsulated in this story….but if you can get past that, the story line is addicting, the character development is fabulous and I am totally engrossed in the “what’s going to happen next” feeling I get as I watch it.

Not only that, but it is something that my husband and I like to do together. We love to get comfortable on the couch and line the coffee table full of yummy snacks as we discuss what happened in the last episode and make predictions about what will happen next. In the past we’ve even held a GOT premiere party with all of our friends, eating themed snacks in preparation for the show to air. Nerdy? Yes, but so much fun.

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So, if you’re wanting to throw your own GOT party let me recommend these incredibly yummy Lemon Cakes in honor of Sansa Stark. This was such an easy recipe and I loved both making and eating them. Especially eating them. Let me know what you think.


Game of Thrones Food| Sansa Stark's Lemon Cakes |


Do you have any TV shows to recommend that you love to watch with your spouse?

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Khaleesi’s Dragon Eggs (Scotch Eggs)

Apr 14, 2015 by

Khaleesi’s Dragon Eggs (Scotch Eggs)

You may now call me the Kitchen Khaleesi.

I mentioned that I also made Dragon Eggs for the Game of Thrones Season 5 opening episode, in addition to my yummy Lemon Cakes. We were, perhaps, a little bit excited about the new season and are completely obsessed with GOT so we wanted to enjoy our all day marathon of the show with appropriately themed snacks. I think Daenerys Targaryen would be proud.

You will need:
2 lbs of your favorite pork sausage (we used a local hot Italian sausage for ours.)
6 hard-boiled and peeled eggs
1 egg slightly beaten
2 cups bread crumbs (we used panko because I love them)
1 cup flour
Salt, pepper, spices to taste
Olive oil


Dragon Eggs | Scotch Eggs | Easy Game of Thrones Reciepes


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Divide the sausage into 6 equal parts and pat each into round flat disc. (Think: small meat pancake.)

3. Dip each peeled, hard-boiled egg in water and then lightly coat in flour.
4. Place each in center of meat patty and wrap patty entirely around egg, encapsulating it in sausage. This takes a little finesse. Make sure to pinch the meat together so that it completely encloses the egg. Once it’s completely wrapped you can press the sausage firmly around the egg to make sure that there is no air between the egg and meat layers. Squeeze firmly to ensure that the sausage stays in place during cooking.



Scotch Eggs, Dragon Eggs, Game of Thrones themed food

5. Then, roll each sausage ball into the flour coating. (I seasoned the flour with seasoned salt and pepper first).
6. Then dip the sausage ball into the beaten egg.
7. Roll the sausage into the bread crumbs.

Scotch Eggs. Dragon's Eggs, Party Food

8. Place on a foil lined cookie sheet and bake of 30 minutes. (Turn once during baking.)

9. Once you remove them from the oven, if they are not crisped to your liking you can toss them into a hot frying pan with a tablespoon of olive oil to brown the outside. This leaves the coating crunchy and yummy.

10. Serve hot or cold with mustard or your favorite dipping sauce. Yum!


Scotch Eggs, Dragon's Eggs, Game of Thrones Inspired Food

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Lemon Cakes for Sansa Stark

Apr 13, 2015 by

Lemon Cakes for Sansa Stark

The Game of Thrones season premier was last night and being the nerds that we are, we celebrated in style. I made Lemon Cakes in honor of Sansa Stark’s favorite treat. We started the afternoon with a marathon of all the Season 4 episodes, drank dark beer and red wine and prepared our snacks for the day. We also made and devoured DRAGON EGGS! Which were a big hit with the boys.
Here is my layered Lemon Cake “recipe”. I did not make this from scratch, instead just modified several boxed mixes to make them my own. So easy!
I started with a paper cup lined muffin tin and a box of Krusteaz Lemon Bar Mix.
Following the package directions I mixed the lemon filling and pressed the ready-made crust mix in equal portions into the bottom of each muffin cup. After the crust on the bottom baked slightly I added lemon filling and let that back for a while too. Then the last layer is a lemon zest infused white (boxed) cake mix. After this bakes these sweet little treats form three cute layers and are seriously yummy!

Game of Thrones Food| Sansa Stark's Lemon Cakes |

You will need:
1 box Krusteaz Lemon Bar Mix
½ Box of your favorite white cake mix
Zest of 1 lemon
Vanilla Extract
Vegetable Oil
Paper cupcake liners

1 HEAT oven to 350°F. Place paper cupcake liners into TWO 12-cup muffin tins.
2 STIR together water and eggs (according to package) until well blended. Add lemon filling mix and stir with a whisk until smooth. Allow to sit while crust is baking.
WHILE THIS IS HAPPENING: Also mix together ½ of your favorite white cake mix, according to package directions. (Use ½ of oil, water and eggs required to make full box). I added 1 Tbs of lemon zest and 1 tsp of vanilla extract to this.
3 PRESS crust mix firmly into bottom of each paper liner. Bake 5 minutes; crust will be pale.
4 STIR filling mixture again and pour over hot crust. Bake 5 minutes or until filling begins to solidify. Remove from oven.
5 ADD One large spoon full of mixed cake mix over the top of hot lemon filling. Don’t be worried if the layers mix together a little bit, the cake mix will rise to the top. Put back into the oven for 5-8 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the middle comes out clean.

For ease of removing from paper liners, chill 1-2 hours. Store in the refrigerator. Makes 24 lemon cakes.

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