Twittering Away

Mar 18, 2015 by

Twittering Away

I am learning how to use Twitter. I feel like it came into being just after it was cool for my generation to be using it, so I never did. And now… I feel left out. I’m slowly discovering how useful it is and I have clearly missed the bandwagon.

The first time I ever tried Twitter was several years ago, and I hated it. Really hated it. I’m pretty sure one of the first tweets I ever read was something like: “I ate a sandwich”. Thus began my long-standing belief that this was the dumbest social media platform. I still do not need to know when strangers eat sandwiches.

And then I started following Brad Paisley. He is hilarious. And Twitter slowly started to redeem itself. I found cool news articles and interesting people to follow.

I’m pretty sure there is a cool way that I can implement Twitter into my classroom as a way to communicate with parents and students… I just have to learn all the ins and outs first.

I’m positive that there are some benefits tucked away in there for my photography business too…. I’m just not sure how to grow my following on Twitter in order for this to be an asset. But, I’m learning. And I am a fast learner.

Also, I’ve started to figure out how to connect with a wide range of awesome, inspiring women via Twitter. This is the best part. The connectivity that is possible, the unity, the bonds. I’m excited to see where this will lead. You know I love communities. Especially ones where I can participate whilst never leaving my pajamas.

My first steps as a Twitter Newbie:

1. Follow tons of awesome people. I’m pretty sure that just like other social media venues that the more people you follow, the more who will follow you in return. I’m finding really great women on there like Jillian who uses her account sort of like a micro-blog. Full of positivity and fun. I also am following some of my favorite celebrities and military bloggers as well as communities of military spouses.

2. Figure out how to add “Tweet This” items directly into my blog posts. This is cool. I love tweetable links in other blogs I read. I have to figure out how this is done because I am jealous. I downloaded a plugin, I’m just not positive that I love it yet. (See it below and tell me what you think). I want something efficient that does not take away from the content of my blog.

3. Learn how to write in 140 characters and how to use a hashtag. I thought I hated hashtags. My students have started using hashtags in their regular conversations. “Hashtag thisisdumb.” “Hashtag Hatinghomework”.

So if I can figure out how to wield the power of
 the hashtag I can rule the junior high. Click To Tweet


4. Automate all these new systems I’m starting. I know there are lots of programs to do this, I just need to choose the right one. With all the things I’m starting this year, and revamping my photo business, working more full-time-ish on blogging, and trying to be a productive person too, I needs to find a system that auto-posts some things and lets me schedule my life more easily.

5. Convince people I am worth following. There’s an article here on how to grow your Twitter following. I’m just not there yet. It reminds me that I have to make Tweeting habitual. I’m not very good at following a set blogging schedule so I’m most likely going to be bad at Tweeting in a timely manner as well.

6. Learn proper Twitter jargon. Twitter is confusing. I think it’s because everything has to be neatly shortened that they have a million different abbreviations for things. There’s a full Twitter glossary if you’re new like me and have no idea what is going on.

7. Integrate my stuff. I want to make sure that all my different social platforms are interconnected and work together. That involves taking the time to click around through settings of various things and adding the codes. This isn’t hard, just time-consuming. So I need motivation to get that done.


Unfortunately, aside from writing with brevity, there is no secret Twitter guidebook to get me from point A to point B. Any advice? Twitter for Beginners |




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