Waiting for Mr. Right

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Waiting for Mr. Right

There are 3 things I learned while waiting for Mr. Right:

  1. God has made somebody for everybody. Not only does the bible tell us that God created the right woman for the right man, but it also tells us that God DELIVERED the right woman to the right man. He didn’t look at Adam and say, “Oh by the way, somewhere on this planet mixed in with billions of other people is the one woman who is perfect for you.” Likewise, God does not expect us to win at searching through a haystack for a needle. It took me some time, but I finally learned to rely on that promise from God, that he had someone in mind for me, and that he would lead us to each other. I didn’t have to run an ad in the classifieds “SWF seeking SWM”, God knew what was in my heart.

  2. God has the right timing. He knows who I should be with, but also WHEN, and I hate to wait. God rarely does things within the time frame I believe he should. I was very easily discouraged in my early twenties as I waited for marriage and for “life to start”. I believed that God wasn’t answering my prayers and I was selfish and impatient. I had my own ideas of what was important and when, these were clearly not the same plans that God had for me. By making me wait, God made big changes in my life.
    By making me wait, God made big changes in my life. Click To TweetHe led me to a year of serving others in AmeriCorps and growth in my faith. I firmly believe that his timing is perfect and I needed these things to grow into a better woman. Not only did this waiting build patience in me but it had countless other ways of building my character and rubbing off some of the rough edges of my youth. God’s way is always the best way.

  3. You have to be the right person to find the right person. Love isn’t all about just finding the right guy, it is also about being the right person for that guy. For a few years before I found my now-husband I was not the right person. I was selfish and misguided and lost. Looking back I can see why my then-boyfriend couldn’t commit to marrying me, but when I was in the middle of it I couldn’t see my flaws. Now I know better. I used that waiting time to find myself. It took a while to understand what my dreams were, what things were important to me, how I should treat other people and what kind of woman I wanted to become. What did I stand for? What was I interested in? How did I want to be remembered? My younger self is a not so nice reflection of me, I hope to make certain that the rest of my life is spent being the best version of myself.
I hope to make certain that the rest of my life is spent being the best version of myself. Click To Tweet


It’s funny to think how long it took me to realize what a good man looked like. It’s not that I didn’t have good examples of good men, or that I didn’t know, Biblically speaking, what I should be looking for in a man, it’s that I didn’t know I should be waiting for a good man. I had this notion that any man God put into my life must be a good man. I never thought that there would be a string of wrong men to help me understand when I had found the right one.

I guess I didn’t know what love looked like really. I was waiting for love to “take off” and to “take charge” in a relationship that had been stagnant for a long time.Having faith in God's timing |www.lovetheeveryday.com

For a while in my young adult life, I was in a relationship with a man whom I thought I would marry. He really was a great guy; so I waited, and waited, and…waited. I always felt like I wasn’t living up to what he expected me to be, I wasn’t enough, I didn’t try hard enough, I wasn’t good enough… and he never asked me to marry him. (Despite regular promises that someday he would.) Eventually I was brave enough to move on, to move out, to stop the waiting. I learned, slowly, to value myself and when I did, God presented me with the right man. Not just a great guy, but the right guy.

Now, I know that love doesn’t wait around for the perfect time to take off. Love jumps right in, makes plans, and acts. Love Acts. Click To Tweet

For me, love now looks like deep conversations and long walks with the dogs, it’s coming home to a clean kitchen after a long day and dinner I didn’t have to cook. It is someone else donning a parka and pumping my gas in the cold and blowing winter so that I can stay in the warm car. It’s spontaneous road trips and dream vacations, but also hot tea when I’ve got the flu and can’t get off the couch. It’s being reminded that I’m beautiful when I don’t feel at all pretty and kisses hello at the door. Love is laughter that never stops and someone who simply understands how my mind works. It’s TV marathons and date nights but also mountains of laundry that we fold together even when we’d rather be doing something more fun. It’s never having to question if I’m loved and not having to guess what I should be doing to earn that love, it’s just given, no holds barred. There’s no guessing game and no waiting.

There’s something perfect about that. Clearly, God knew what he was doing. And it was totally worth the wait.



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