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When I started writing this blog I wasn’t sure where my life was heading or what craziness was in store for me. As life has progressed I’ve learned that this life is what you make of it, and there is something to love about every single day, even when those moments are very mundane. Those everyday moments that sometimes pass us by may hold the happiness you’ve been seeking. I’ve been working through anxiety disorder and some pretty serious life changes this year, in doing so I’ve needed to remind myself regularly that life is beautiful and it is important to focus on those tiny, minute moments, that slip through our fingers. So, I hope I inspire you to Love the Everyday.

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  1. Ugh it bothers me that there is so much prejudgment for pregnant woman and mothers on how people assume they will be. Everyone is different with their own interests, strengths, and dreams. People need to mind their own business! Lol Congrats on the pregnancy!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

    • Thanks Rachel! I too am guilty of judging other people, I just like to pretend that I don’t. 😉

  2. good for you, girl! i read someone else’s blog post today that was about being judged for pregnancy-related things and i can’t handle how comfortable some people feeling voicing their judgy-ass opinions. if you want to be a SAHM mom, great. if you don’t? that’s great, too. people need to mind their own biz 🙂

    • Preach it sister! I wish women were better at building each other up instead of tearing each other down all the time. Growing a damn human is hard enough, what I choose to do after that should be left up to me!

  3. I am a SAHM and I’m in awe of you working moms! We all need to do what’s right for our families and it’s awesome seeing someone rocking multiple roles!

    • You’re awesome! Share with me the tips and tricks of multi-tasking with baby! I’m even a little scared of maternity leave! How do you do laundry when all you want to do is snuggle sweet babes?

  4. It is kind of silly how people make assumptions about what other people are going to do. Everyone has to make the choice that is best for themselves and not worry about what other people do or say. Your daughter is lucky to have such a good role model in her life!

    • awww! Thank you. I hope so…. although if she really can hear every thing I say while she’s in the womb I’m worried about what her first words will be. lol. I’m not sure how great a role model I am!!

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